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The main purpose for writing this book was to help people enliven their Christmas home and office parties in a wholesome way that tends to get everyone involved. Those who have used "Crisp Musk Hair Oils" in this way have enjoyed great success and memorable holiday events.

The following PARTY TIPS can help you to get the most out of the book and to achieve the desired results mentioned above.

1. Give a brief explanation about "Anguish Languish" before you begin (that every word is a real English word but just put together in a non-traditional way) and announce that we are now going to give it a try.

2. Explain that what looks like "gobbledygook" on the page will be completely recognizable as soon as it is spoken or sung ALOUD.

3. Although the singing may be done a cappella (without accompaniment), the experience can be enhanced by someone playing the melodies on the piano or some other musical instrument. So if you have printed copies of the traditional Christmas carols available, arrange in

advance to have an accompanist assist you.

4. Explain that we will reduce the tempo (speed) of the singing to facilitate the reading of the text as it appears in Anguish Languish. Remind the singers that every word is an actual English word and that it must be pronounced exactly as it would be spoken in a normal sentence.

5. Be selective in your choice of carols to be sung. Some of them might not be familiar to all participants even in their original traditional form. And rather than attempting to sing all the carols during your party, you may encourage your guests to attend next year's party to sing more of them.

6. The experience will obviously require each participant to have (or at least be able to see) a copy of the carols to be sung in Anguish Languish. That may be done in several ways:

a. Buy enough copies of the book for everyone to use during your party. (These books may be given as great party favors or "stocking stuffers" or retained for use at future parties.)

b.. Print out one of the limited-copyright selections in the book, as party favors. Note: It is legal to copy or reproduce for non-profit distribution ONLY THE SELECTED PAGE, "Thud Two-Elf Daze Off Crisp Mess" (p. 24). If you are reading these Party Tips on line, you may also have permission to use "Gin Gulp Bells" (p.8), and "Jelly Oils Ain't Nickel Lass" (p. 16). (Be sure to include the copyright and permission notice at the bottom of the page.

7. You might want to have a contest between several people in having them sing one of the carols to the rest of the group. This can be fun if you assign a few carols to three or four couples or pairs of people. Give them a few minutes to work it out together, and then have them sing their assigned carol to the group. Applause, cheering, or even good-natured booing often lends an air of excitement to the exercise.

If you have additional suggestions for using Crisp Musk Hair Oils at your holiday parties or events, please forward them with your comments to

All inquiries will be answered within 1 year in the Anguish Languish LOL

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